Why is Vitamin C necessary for the body? Know 5 benefits and 5 natural foods

Vitamin C Benefits: Vitamin C is very important to increase immunity and protect the body from infection. Immunity is strengthened by Vitamin C. The body is capable of fighting any infection. Antioxidants are found in abundance in Vitamin C, due to which the body detoxifies and harmful substances come out. Vitamin C is also necessary to keep the skin healthy. In order to strengthen immunity, especially during the corona period, doctors are being advised to take a diet rich in vitamin C. There are many foods that can be consumed to make up for the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. Know the benefits of Vitamin C, what are the symptoms of deficiency and what are the natural sources of Vitamin-C rich in Vitamin C?

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Gooseberry- Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Amla is said to be a storehouse of Vitamin C. One medium sized amla contains about 600 mg of vitamin C.

Vegetables- You can eat tomatoes in vegetables for vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in large quantities in tomatoes. Apart from this, vitamin C is also found in green vegetables. You can get vitamin C from broccoli. Potatoes are also a good source of Vitamin C.

Fruit- There are many such fruits rich in Vitamin C which can easily fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. For this you can eat kiwi. Kiwi contains vitamins C, K and E. At the same time, more vitamin C is found in guava than in orange. On the other hand, papaya is such a fruit that is available in all seasons. Vitamin C is also found in plenty in it. Apart from this, strawberries and pineapple are also good sources of vitamin C. Eating oranges also helps in meeting the deficiency of Vitamin C.

Lemon- If you include lemon in the food, then the body gets a lot of vitamin C from it. Lemon is very beneficial for health. This reduces weight and strengthens the metabolism.

Pulses- Vitamin C can also be obtained by including pulses in the diet. Dry pulses do not contain vitamin C, but after soaking, a lot of vitamin C comes in them. Therefore, include pulses in your daily diet. Due to this, the body gets plenty of protein.

Vitamin C for Health: Why is Vitamin C important for the body?  Know 5 benefits and 5 natural foods

Benefits Of Vitamin C
1- With vitamin C, the immune system works well and the body is able to fight diseases or infections.
2- Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, due to which the body detoxes and the skin remains good.
3- Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron and
4- Bones become strong.
5- Vitamin C is also very important for wound healing, eyesight and nail diseases.

Vitamin C for Health: Why is Vitamin C important for the body?  Know 5 benefits and 5 natural foods

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms
1- Swollen gums, bleeding and loss of teeth
2- Rashes on the skin
3- Fatigue, weakness and joint pain
4- getting sick early, having a cold or infection
5- Hair loss and weakening of nails

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