Why Manisha could not forget Koirala, Nana Patekar shed tears in the circle of another big actress!

Nana Patekar is considered one of the talented actors of Bollywood. He was quite populist in the 90s when he gave an excellent performance over one. Her personal life was also in the news during that period and there was a lot of discussion about the affair with Manisha Koirala. How did the beginning, how did Ayesha Jhulka’s entry in the middle, then quarreling and remembering Manisha, why do Nana cry, let’s know …

Quietly started dating

In 1996, Nana and Manisha came close to each other during the shooting of the film ‘Agnisakshi’. At that time, Manisha had split from a relationship with actor Vivek Mushran and was deeply influenced by Nana’s personality. The two began dating quietly.

Nana used to leave Manisha’s house in the morning

After ‘Agnisakshi’, Nana and Manisha appeared together in the film ‘Khamoshi’. According to media reports, by that time the news of the offscreen chemistry of both had spread like wildfire. Neighbors of Manisha even said that Nana was seen several times leaving his house in the morning. To this, Nana said in an interview, ‘Manisha would often come to meet my mother and son and the family would also meet her with love’.

Both used to have quarrels

Both Nana and Manisha are considered hot-tempered. Both of them got into a fight on several occasions. During this, Nana was living separately from his wife but was not getting ready for marriage with Manisha. There were rumors that he was also very close to actress Ayesha Julka.

When Manisha sees Nana with Ayesha

According to the report, Manisha had seen Nana and Ayesha in an intimate moment in a room, after which Nana and Manisha got into a fight. Even Manisha called Ayesha very good and bad but it did not have any effect on Nana.

Musk deer told Manisha

Nana did not proceed to a relationship with Manisha after this incident and Manisha moved on in her life. However, Manisha was not able to forget Manisha. In an interview, the actor said, ‘Manisha is the most sensitive actress. He is like a musk deer, he should understand that he does not need to keep pace with anyone. He has everything and is more than enough.

Nana Patekar went through pain

Nana had said, ‘I can barely hold my tears when I see what she is doing to herself, even though today I have nothing to say about her. Breakup is difficult phase. To understand this pain, you have to go through it. I can not tell the pain I have gone through. I miss Manisha. ‘


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