Why men are reluctant to go to the doctor

PSYCHOLOGY – Some people sometimes have attitudes of withdrawal from their health concerns, which can lead to delays in care.

“I often have couples who come together to our“ Covid long ”consultation”, tell the Pr Dominique Salmon, infectious disease specialist at Hôtel-Dieu, in Paris, and president of CoreVIH Île-de-France sud (regional coordination committee for the fight against sexually transmitted infections and HIV).“The man and the woman started to get sick the same day. She often reports a slight persistent symptom such as loss of taste or smell, even though she reports 36 different persistent signs. But, when I dig a bit and question the man, he admits to having other symptoms, like fatigue and headaches. I have the impression that men listen to each other less, or that they do not dare to complain and minimize. ”

If the infectiologist refuses to generalize the phenomenon, it seems that it is well anchored in reality. “I tend to consider that the little health concerns that I might encounter are not worth the expense of time and money.

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