Why Our Emotions Can Make Us Fat

DECRYPTION – Crisps to fill boredom, chocolate to digest your anger, ice cream in which to drown your sorrows… Our feelings also decide what we eat.

“Emotional pounds”? What a funny formula! However, it seems to inspire specialists and their publishers, as there are so many books on the subject: Emotional pounds: how to get rid of them My head is hungry, Stop eating your emotions, Weight loss: the emotional trigger… If some speak more readily ofemotional eating»in other words eating under the influence of emotion, “these imagined formulas have the merit of being meaningfulobserves Laurence Haurat, psychologist and nutritionist, herself author of the book What if you (finally) found your ideal weight? (Eyrolles). They make sense to the reader who immediately recognizes himself: he too sees himself nibbling when he is sad or angry.

Strange reaction that one! “Generally, a strong emotion cuts the hunger”recalls Sandrine Péneau, nutritionist and lecturer at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University, co-author of a study on emotional eating and overweight published…

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