Why too much bad news harms our mental health

PSYCHOLOGY – Information received by our brain is not treated equally.

Well seated in his chair, are we really passive when listening to television news? “Not at all, explains Dr Guillaume Fond, psychiatrist and researcher at the Marseille University Hospital, responsible for the expert center for Schizophrenia and resistant depression. All information is processed by our brain: when information follows one another, it ends up constituting a significant mental load. But in a person who already feels psychically exhausted, it is not nothing, especially with the news channels in search of sensational. “

These chains, warns the doctor, make us live in the instant and the search for emotional reactions. “The catastrophe fascinates! There is an amplifying effect of this negative information which, repeated daily, ends up giving the feeling of living in a world in distress. And this feeling of living in a lousy, hopeless world can create depression and even promote suicidal thoughts in a person.

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