Why was Iron Man killed in Avengers Endgame, not Captain America? Secret revealed after 3 years

The American superhero film Avengers: Endgame was released in the year 2019. Made in a budget of about Rs 3000 crore, the film did a business of $ 270 million worldwide. It is the highest grossing film of all time in the world. The special thing is that the film entertained the audience as much as it made them cry. This is because Marvel’s superhero army won the battle with Thanos, but in this war, the character of the most loved superhero Iron Man i.e. Tony Stark lost his life. This character of Russo Brothers is played by Robert Downey Jr. Perhaps this was the first time in any superhero scientific fiction film that the entire theater was in tears over someone’s death. The question in everyone’s mind was that why was Tony Stark killed? Many people criticized this shocking incident in the story. It was even said that instead of Tony Stark, the character of Captain America i.e. Chris Evans could also be killed. However, now the answer (Real Reason Behind Killing Iron Man) has been found.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ director Joey Russo has broken the silence on the story behind Robert Downey Jr’s character killing Tony Stark. He answered this in a discussion during the Sands International Film Festival in St Andrews. During this discussion, his brother and film’s co-director Anthony Russo was also present.

…so Captain America was not killed
According to the report of ‘CBR’, Joey Russo said, ‘If you look at Captain America as a character, then you get it right that it doesn’t matter, Captain America is dead in the film. It would have been a natural thing to sacrifice himself for the character of Captain. Captain America is a character who, during the Nazi war, handed himself over to the scientists to experiment on me. She is a character whose life has been very complicated. The one that every audience likes as a character. So it is not necessary that what you think of is the same.

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This was the reason behind killing Iron Man
Rousseau continues, ‘Now look at the character of Tony Stark. His death was certain and justified. He is a self made character. Stark’s ego is huge. From Iron Man in 2008 to Endgame in 2019, Stark has been a proud character. So the journey of such a character could have ended only with a single biggest sacrifice. That’s why we felt that this is the only character for whom making such a sacrifice is a necessity according to his aura. Simultaneously, his character becomes richer, more confused and bigger than before. That’s why we chose the character of Tony Stark.

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Do you think it happened right?
However, while 3 years later, fans are still missing Tony Stark in Marvel’s superhero films, but now that the Russo Brothers have uncovered that distinction, hopefully the fans have found some peace. By the way, do you think this answer of Joey Russo justifies the fact that Tony Stark i.e. Iron Man had to die. What do you think, do let us know in the comment section.


Why was Iron Man killed in Avengers Endgame, not Captain America? Secret revealed after 3 years


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