Will cancer become a chronic disease like any other?

DECRYPTION – Advances in treatments make it possible to live not only after but also much longer “with” cancer. A new paradigm that patients are struggling to integrate.

“From now on, we can prolong the life of patients for very long years with an acceptable quality of life, indicates the Pr Céline Chauleur, head of the obstetric gynecology department at the Saint-Étienne University Hospital. To speak of chronicity thus seems very correct to me when we talk about ovarian cancer, for example. ” Cancer, a chronic disease? The WHO effectively places it in this list, next to cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory ailments, diabetes or visual or hearing impairment. And new treatments are drawing, more and more often, a third way between remission and death …

For patients, however, it is difficult to compare the announcement of arterial hypertension or diabetes – which, if well controlled, do not essentially change the course of life – with a diagnosis of cancer which systematically upsets the course of each person. patient, even for cancers with a good prognosis such as breast or prostate … “Offer them a

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