Will Covid-19 become a banal seasonal virus?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what virologist Bruno Lina, member of the Scientific Council, said. But what is it really?

THE QUESTION. An optimistic prediction. Bruno Lina, virologist and member of the Scientific Council, wanted to bring hope on Thursday on France Info when he declared that immunity “Post-infectious and post-vaccination” was starting to have consequences for the Covid-19. “If it wants to continue to be able to diffuse within the human population, it must adapt and evolve. And that’s what he’s doing“, He also added on the subject of the appearance of new variants which he sees as “An element of hope”: “We may be in a phase where this virus has finished evolving and now we are reaching the end of the pandemic phase to enter a phase of low noise circulation of the virus.

According to the virologist, the “Evolutionary potential” of Covid-19 could therefore “Come to an end” Consequently, “When he arrives at this end, he will return in the ranks of banal seasonal viruses which will give colds or not severe infections ”. What about

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