Will it really be possible to swim in the Seine by 2024?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The Paris city hall wants to set up three swimming pools in the river in Paris after the Olympic Games.

THE QUESTION. This is probably Anne Hidalgo’s number 1 challenge as mayor of Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games: to make the Seine suitable for swimming. The deadline is approaching, and the city councilor, his eyes riveted on the Élysée, has been discreet about this for a few months. His first assistant, Emmanuel Grégoire, recently took up the torch on this theme, at D-1000 from the start of the sports high mass. “We will have to honor that promise. We will swim in the Seine in 2024“, He said at the microphone of France 3.”The goal is that the triathlon is only the beginning of the return of swimming in the Seine.“, He also hammered. Ambitious or even disproportionate, is this project, now costing 1.8 billion euros, really feasible?

CHECKS. And let us specify that the first objective of the town hall of Paris is to make the Seine swimmable for the athletes of the 2024 Olympic Games. The last board of directors of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) the holding of the triathlon events

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