Will the reopening of schools fuel the epidemic?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Although central, this question has long been sidelined. Yet more and more studies point to the role of schools in the pandemic.

Will the reopening of schools make us lose the little ground gained on the virus? This central question has long been sidelined: the phenomenon was not very visible, the majority of children and adolescents not fearing much in the face of Covid. However, it is now a given: schools have a real role in the epidemic, and their reopening must be accompanied by strong measures to limit the associated risks.

Tests carried out on 4,000 children and adults in the canton of Geneva in May and December 2020 showed that “children have a level of infection close to or higher than that of adults when schools are open, whereas this was not the case after the first confinement (the schools were then closed), where they showed themselves less infected», Reports Antoine Flahault, professor of public health at the University of Geneva and director of the Institute of Global Health. “We often hear that school does not amplify the epidemic, but it contributes to it,

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