Winter diet: If you want to get full benefits of health, then you must consume peanuts in winter.

Peanuts are included in dry fruits. It is easily found everywhere. There are countless benefits to its use. One should know the benefits especially from the winter season.

According to experts, peanut must be used in winter due to its warm effect. Peanuts are rich in nutrition, such as protein, folate, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, manganese. Its use has positive effects on overall health. Peanuts are a stock of energy. Peanuts have more protein than red and white meat, eggs and vegetables.

It helps to keep the body functioning and is suitable for those who want muscle. The calcium present in peanuts, vitamin D makes the human body bones and teeth strong. According to research, the natural fat found in peanuts is extremely effective for health, skin and hair and also enhances beauty. Apart from this, it also prevents the complaint of frequent nail loss.

Peanut Nutrients

One hundred grams of peanuts yield 567 calories. Similarly, in terms of vitamins and minerals, it contains 0 mg cholesterol, 20 percent sodium, 36 percent dietary fiber, 52 percent protein, 4 grams sugar, 5 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent iron, 15 percent vitamin B6 and 42 percent magnesium. .

Other advantages of using peanuts

Vitamin E is also found in large amounts in peanuts. Due to which the cells of the body get a lot of help in the fight against cancer. Peanut is also effective against the disease of blood drains and maintains the blood temperature. Also, being helpful in losing weight, one does not realize hunger for long. Peanut consumption is an effective weapon against heart disease and diabetes.

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