Winter dish: Carrot pudding is the best dish in the winter for immunity and summer, prepare this way at home

Winter dish: Carrot pudding is also included in the winter dish. Nutrient-rich pudding has a warm effect. Its use increases as winter comes. Its use produces heat in the body and also reduces cold. Experts suggest that such food should be used during the winter season which strengthens immunity.

Due to this, the disease caused in cold and dry weather is relieved to some extent and heat is also present in the body. It is customary to prepare traditional pudding in most homes during the cold season. Eating pudding has a positive effect on human health. Carrot pudding is a special winter gift and it is also very good for health. You can easily prepare pudding at home yourself.

Ingredients for making carrot pudding
Carrot should be 2 kg, milk 6 cups, sugar 4 cups, small cardamom 10 egg, almond 15 egg, pistachio 15 powder, silver rock 6 egg, walnut 12 seeds and two cups of ghee. Dry fruit can be made more or less as per your choice.

Tricks to make carrot pudding
First, finely chop the carrots and soak the almonds in hot water and peel them. Now finely chop the almonds and walnuts and grind the cardamom with two spoons of sugar. Put the fine carrots in a pot and keep it on low flame until the water dries. After that put ghee in an address, heat it and mix cardamom and mix it.

After a while add carrots and milk and fry it slowly on low flame. When the carrot starts to turn brown, add sugar and walnuts and fry it for a while. After a while, your carrot pudding will be ready. After that put ghee in a vessel and keep the pudding in it. Now garnish the carrot pudding with dry fruit and silver plum. Just what, enjoy the special dish of winter.

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