Winter fruits: These fruits are necessary for immunity against pandemic and cold, know why

Winter fruits: First epidemic and now winter season! Due to both, the importance of increasing immunity in the body increases. Immunity protects against corona virus infection and as the weather changes, you need to ensure your immunity as the cases of viral and infections increase during the winter season. Therefore, there cannot be an option to increase good immunity from fruits. Now you must use the fruits of winter.


The importance of the benefits of orange in winter is obvious. Regular intake of oranges rich in calcium and vitamin C can help improve your immune system. It prevents skin damage, reduces cholesterol levels and helps in weight loss.


Who doesn’t like blood red crystal shaped manika? It is not only colorful but also tasty. This excellent blood thinner fruit becomes necessary for blood pressure patients. Pomegranate frees the body from free radicals and it is said that in addition to fighting heart disease, it also protects against prostate cancer.


Sitaphal is also known as ‘Sharifa’ and ‘Custard Apple’. You can get Sitaphal only in winter. Sweet in taste, it is an amazing fruit that enhances immunity. Its intake reduces the risk of heart disease and in addition to controlling blood sugar, it also treats pimples.


Sweet and fun guava is everyone’s favorite in winter. Its aroma and different taste makes it even more delicious. Guava is full of vitamin C and anti oxidants. It fights against dangerous free radical activity in the body. The presence of fiber in guava is also excellent for digestion and blood sugar levels.


Seasonal lemon species is also rich in vitamin C. Fruit of equal size of orange is also called seasonal sweet lemon. Seasonality can be consumed in the form of juice during winter. In addition, mixing seasonality with carrots and beetroot as a healthy dose of health is advisable.

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