Winter recipes: Learn a few tasty and healthy foods to feed your innocent in winter

The cold weather can be dangerous for children because they are more at risk of catching cold in the autumn and winter. Cold weather can also weaken your child’s immune system, which increases the chances of him falling ill. Eating nutritious food will help in improving their immunity and will also be able to fight infection. Therefore, apart from dressing the innocent in warm clothes, include healthy foods in the diet so that children can remain happy and healthy during winter.

As the temperature of the body falls in winter, we feel more hungry. Perhaps, we all look for delicious delicious foods in the bitter cold to feel warm. The same is the case with young children. Therefore, except for the packets and processed foods, children should fill their children with nutritious foods so that they can get energy and nutrition.

Healthy Pasta and Paratha- The assortment of carb, sausages, cheese and vegetables makes a fictional meal option for children. Prepare pasta at home with multigrain grains. Add tomato and carrot pure sauce for extra nutrition. By adding cream and butter on top, you get the required fats for energy and heat. The same tips can be adopted to make paratha. Use paneer paratha, paneer spinach paratha, fenugreek or cabbage or radish Maratha.

Laddu- Being in India and staying indoors during winter is unimaginable without laddus. Many types of laddus can be made. Besan ka laddu, dry fruit ladoo, sesame ladoo, peanut chikki, coconut ladoo are special for winter. You can keep it safely in a jar for weeks.

halva- Gram flour, carrot pudding, pumpkin pudding add warmth in winter. All these foods have magical effect in just one bowl. To increase the energy level of your children, add some dry fruits and nuts and mix jaggery for iron.

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