“With a prescription for off-label drugs, we leave the collective security zone”

MAINTENANCE – These drug prescriptions outside their official indications must remain infrequent, insists the president of the public health section of the national council of the Order of physicians.

The Dr Bruno Boyer is president of the public health section of the National Council of the Order of Physicians.

LE FIGARO. – Can physicians’ freedom to prescribe justify all off-label prescriptions?

Dr Bruno Boyer. – It is about a framed freedom, in the interest of the patient. Thus, as specified in article 8 of the code of medical ethics, a doctor is free to prescribe but remains within the limits set by law and taking into account the data acquired from science. Article 39 specifies that he cannot propose insufficiently proven therapies, and article 40 prohibits him from running an unjustified risk. So of course, the law authorizes off-label prescription, but it must remain adapted to the situation of each patient, and therefore infrequent.

What are the cases that can justify an off-label prescription?

The Order of Physicians and that of Pharmacists have drawn up a common sheet recalling the legal framework for off-label prescription…

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Pushing back the limits of science is also freedom.

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