Women’s health: research overly devoted to gynecology and obstetrics

DECRYPTION – Medical studies on women are not diverse enough.

Can do better. This is, in essence, what the analysis of a sample of medical studies devoted specifically to women concludes. Sifting through 11 renowned scientific journals, the Australian authors of this work observed the persistence of the “bikini” bias – namely, an overemphasis on the obstetrics and gynecology of women of childbearing age, with regard to other pathologies that are more lethal or incapacitating for their sex.

Admittedly, pregnancy is an important experience in a woman’s physical and psychological life, and remains risky in many countries – every day, 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, according to the Organization World Health Organization (WHO). But the first cause of female mortality in France and in the world is cardiovascular disease. Then come, for France, cancers and diseases of the respiratory system (pneumonia, flu, etc.).

The discrepancy with…

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