Wondering what Milind Soman eats? Actor raised curtain himself from Raj in a new post

Milind Soman is definitely a fitness man of his age. The 55-year-old actor and model is a symbol of fitness in India. Fitness icons have been participating in marathon racing for many years. Last year, he completed the 21-kilometer marathon with his wife Ankita and mother Usha during the epidemic. If you are wondering what does actor Milind Soman eat to keep himself fit and active? He himself has responded to his catering routine through an Instagram post. & Nbsp;

Milind Soman’s Diet Chart

In the post, he wrote, "Since a lot of people are asking what I eat, here may be the answer for you! This is normal, I can change depending on where I am and what is available." He told about drinking about 500 ml of water on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning. Milind Soman informs never to drink cold water and said that avoid soft drinks and consume alcohol once or twice a year, and that too just a glass.


Breakfast – Around 10 am, Milind Soman eats his breakfast and includes mangoes such as some nuts, a papaya, melon, a seasonal fruit. & nbsp;

Lunch – Milind completes his lunch at about two o’clock which usually includes rice and dal khichdi, one part with lentils, rice and two parts with seasonal vegetables and two spoons of house ghee. . Sometimes, instead of rice, Milind eats six chapattis with vegetable and lentils. Very rarely does an actor eat a chicken, a small portion of mutton or an egg once a month. & Nbsp;

Dinner – Milind Soman usually eats his dinner around 7 pm. A plate is a vegetable or vegetable. If you feel very hungry, then a little khichdi is used in dinner. But Milind nuns do not eat veg food at night. & Nbsp;

Before bed- Before going to bed at night Milind drink turmeric by mixing turmeric with jaggery in warm water. & nbsp;

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