World Cup every two years: Gianni Infantino wants “football to be truly global”

Traveling to Venezuela, the president of Fifa spoke of a possible reform of the calendar by evoking his project of a biennial World.

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Launched by ex-trainer Arsène Wenger, director of development for Fifa, the debate around a World Cup every two years was revived by Gianni Infantino, at a press conference Friday, October 15 in Caracas.

The FIFA president has notably declared his desire to manage “that football is truly global“, taking the example of Venezuela. The country has never participated in the World Cup and”the possibility of reforming the calendar with a World Cup every 2 years “would give” more possibilities“to certain nations like this one to participate in it, explained the Italian leader.”When it was decided that the World Cup would be every four years, around 100 years ago, Fifa had 40 countries. It’s time to analyze the question“, he said, reiterating that a decision will be taken in”end of year“.

For him, this reform could allow South American players to reduce their travel between continents with the establishment of grouped qualifying phases. “Studies show that traveling, with jet lag and climate change, is bad“, did he declare. “If Messi has to do 350,000 km to play a World Cup (back and forth between Europe and America), and Cristiano Ronaldo 50,000 … It’s normal that South Americans are a little more tired than Europeans“. And to press again:”Since 2002, Brazil have not won a match in the knockout phase, not in the group stage, against a European country. it’s been 20 years, and it’s Brazil!“.

The prestige of a competition does not depend on its frequency. Otherwise we would organize a World Cup every 40 years“he defended himself, this reform being particularly criticized for its susceptibility to trivialize the World Cup.

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