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Anti-American attacks on the rise

On the night of Wednesday, July 7, the American Embassy in Baghdad was targeted by three rocket attacks. The day before, 16 shots of the same kind hit the air base of Ain-Al Assad, which shelters the military, mainly American, of the anti-terrorism force. Of “Acts of destabilization” condemned by Paris, attributed to pro-Iran groups. So far this year, 47 attacks have targeted US interests in the country.



Russian provocation in the Baltic Sea

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had to interrupt a press conference on Thursday (July 8) at a NATO air base in Lithuania, when Spanish fighters were sent to intercept two Russian Su-24 planes that were flying over the international waters of the sea. Baltic. They had taken off from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad with their on-board transponders turned off. These incidents occur several times a week in the Baltic Sea region.



Four million deaths from Covid-19 around the world

The world has reached 4 million deaths from Covid-19, while the pandemic is picking up again under the impetus of the Delta variant, especially in Asia. Japan declared Thursday, July 8 a state of health emergency in Tokyo for the duration of the Olympic Games, which are due to open in two weeks and until August 8. The Delta variant now represents around 30% of cases. World Health Organization (WHO) boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the “World was at a dangerous point in this pandemic”, due to the new variants and the lifting of sanitary restrictions.


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