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Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz retires from politics

Barely two months after his resignation from the Chancellery on suspicion of corruption, Sebastian Kurz announced Thursday, December 2, his decision to retire from political life in Austria. Presented yesterday as “The child prodigy” Austrian politician Sebastian Kurz, 35, left his post as chancellor in October after an investigation was launched against him. He remained at the head of the conservative ÖVP party, of which he also chaired the parliamentary group.



Tense face-to-face between Moscow and Washington

The American and Russian foreign ministers had a tense face to face Thursday, December 2 in Sweden. Antony Blinken and Sergey Lavrov exchanged warnings about Ukraine, while ensuring that they want to resolve the crisis through diplomacy, before a possible exchange between Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin. “We are deeply concerned about Russia’s plans for further aggression against Ukraine”, launched the head of American diplomacy, alongside his Russian counterpart, who called for “Security guarantees concerning western borders ” from Russia.


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EU strengthens the security of its staff on site

The European Union announced Thursday, December 2, that it had reinforced the security of its personnel still on site in Ethiopia, after the evacuation of around 70 non-essential expatriate staff, due to the conflict between government forces and the rebels. Only the EU ambassador remained, the Belgian Roland Kobia, ex-special envoy to Afghanistan, and a collaborator. According to the UN, “Chaotic evacuation scenes like in Kabul are possible in Ethiopia”.


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