World kidney day: Kidney related diseases are very dangerous, know what are the ways to avoid them

Does matter. According to reports, one in every ten people worldwide is suffering from kidney disease. The risk of kidney failure is also high due to high blood pressure and diabetes. More precautions are required to fight this disease. Irregular catering has to be regularized. Also it is important to seek the advice of doctors from time to time.

In the event of kidney failure, many parts of the body also start getting damaged. Blood in urine, swelling of feet and eyes, feeling tired, difficulty in breathing, experiencing high blood pressure, decreased urine volume and swelling in the body are also the main symptoms of kidney failure.

Know the ways to prevent this disease

There are many ways to avoid kidney disease. By doing yoga regularly, control of this disease can be found. Also, smoking and alcohol will not be consumed. This has a tremendous effect on the kidneys. Also, eat nutritious food instead of fast food. Often people eat a pen killer to get rid of pain. But in case of kidney failure, avoid taking pen killer. Make sure to have a blood pressure or diabetes test from time to time.

Know how kidney works

Let us tell you that a kidney is made of millions of micro fibers. These fibers are called nephrons. Their job is to filter the blood. Most kidney problems occur due to disturbances in the nephrons. If nephrons are damaged due to any reason, the blood is not cleaned properly. During the filter, the harmful elements present in the blood and the excess water in the body are filtered out as urin. The ureter ie 2 tubes are connected with the kidney. Blood is cleaned through the ureter and then its residue reaches the bladder.

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