World Water Day: Increase the intake of liquid daily in this way, include cucumber water in the diet.

World Water Day: Cucumber is a rich source of water which is said to detox the body. The essential vitamins and minerals found in it give better benefits to health. It is low in calories, which makes it great for those who lose weight. Cucumber is also an excellent source of vitamin B, potassium and magnesian. Daily intake of cucumber water provides many benefits including hydration, weight loss, reduction in blood pressure and skin health.

Health benefits of using cucumber water
Keeps you hydrated Drinking cucumber water is cheap and a great way to keep yourself hydrated. On the occasion of World Water Day, include food with excessive water in your diet.

Water is essential in making your body parts work properly. Most people should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Including cucumber water in your diet can increase your water intake.

Help to lose weight- Are you among those trying to lose weight? Place cucumber water in place of sweet soda and juice because it contains zero calories, which will help you gain weight without increasing weight. Cucumber water will keep your hunger full and thus you will be able to avoid eating more calories.

Vitamin A and minerals are available- Cucumber is high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A, including other vitamins and minerals. The silica present in cucumbers also has a positive effect on the body. Eating foods with anti-oxidants will help prevent cell damage.

Helps in controlling blood pressure Hypertension and high blood pressure are a common health problem. It carries the risk of some serious health complications including heart disease, stroke. Use of too much salt and too little potassium is a contributing factor in increasing high blood pressure.

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