Yann Wehrling: “Protecting nature becomes a question of human survival”

TRIBUNE – The former French ambassador for the environment pleads for massive investments because “nothing is more profitable than to protect biodiversity”.

Nature is in bad shape. In very poor condition. Our activities emit large amounts of greenhouse gases and deplete our planet’s natural resources like never before. Climate change is accelerating the erosion of biodiversity. Which accelerates climate change. Our mode of development is unsustainable. For 40 years, we have even quite frankly put our foot on the accelerator and all the pollution indicators have gone into the red.

As the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress takes place in Marseille from September 3 to 11, it is time to recall that urgent action is needed. Because it is still possible to slow the decline of species and limit the damage. But only under certain conditions.

First, we must turn away from all defeatism. Extremist solutions which scare and speeches of “it’s fucked up” are the best allies of the status quo. No it is not

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