Yonne: the pilot of a two-seater is killed in the crash of his aircraft in Charbuy

The pilot is a 54 year old man. It is not yet known whether he was alone in the aircraft.

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The pilot of a two-seater died after the crash of his aircraft Tuesday evening in Charbuy in the Yonne, not far from the Auxerre-Branches aerodrome, France Bleu Auxerre reported on Wednesday 22 December. The small two-seater plane crashed in a field, on the edge of the forest, a few hundred meters from a house. The emergency services were alerted around 6:00 p.m.

According to the prosecutor of the Republic of Auxerre, Hugues de Phily, “the victim is a 54 year old man” and “at the present time, we do not know if he was alone in the aircraft or if he was accompanied by another passenger”, adds the prosecutor.

The circumstances of the accident also remain to be determined. The investigation was entrusted to the territorial brigade of the gendarmerie of Auxerre, with the support of specialists from the air transport brigade of the gendarmerie.

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