“You are the teacher I would have liked to have”: your messages in memory of Samuel Paty

On the occasion of the national homage to Samuel Paty, Wednesday, we publish some of the 1,700 messages of support and homage to the teacher sent by our readers.

France paid tribute to Samuel Paty. During a national ceremony at the Sorbonne in memory of the assassinated professor, Emmanuel Macron greeted a “teacher that we do not forget”. The President presented the Legion of Honor posthumously to this history and geography teacher, in the presence of his family. Samuel Paty, 47, was beheaded on October 16 near his college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), after showing his students caricatures of Muhammad during a course on freedom of expression.

On the occasion of this day of meditation, France Télévisions and Radio France have offered you the possibility to leave your messages of support and homage to the teacher, via a form. Here are just a few of the more than 1,700 tributes received.

“He who transmits knowledge is, like a beacon in the night, a source of light. This light, tinged with hopes, cannot die because its vigor is renewed through those it touches. Samuel Paty is a light, a timeless light, immortal light … Thank you. “ – Damien Rupied-Haffner, Oppède (Vaucluse)

“Samuel, you were doing your job … A madman decided in the name of a so-called god to assassinate you. Samuel, you were defending the right to caricature, to criticize … In short, you were defending freedom. Our freedom . Samuel, rest in peace, we are not afraid. And we will continue for you, for us, to carry freedom of expression! The freedom to believe, or not, the freedom to live. For you, Samuel, and for all victims of terrorist barbarism. “ – Christine Stephan, Loctudy (Finistère)

“A student of history and future professor, I think it is necessary to say that Samuel Paty simply did his job. But this job was more than a job, it was a mission in the service of an ideal, that of the Republic. There was, in the teaching he practiced against all odds, something that touched an absolute: the absolute of a tolerant, emancipatory society, which is based on a common base of shared principles and values. To be worthy of him today is to be able, collectively, to rise to the level of the mission that he had set himself to fulfill with high standards and dedication. It is to make a Republic. “ – Valentin Morassi, Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis)

“I think of you, Samuel, and I dedicate this word to you. I am a theater teacher at the conservatory in the Yvelines department. Last Wednesday, I asked one of my groups of students to define in a nutshell their five first theater sessions. Léyss, a fifth-grade child who discovered the theater, was the first to express himself and he said the word ‘freedom’ to me. When I heard his word, I knew why I was proud to be a teacher for so many years. […]

For five days, I have been collapsed in the face of this new horror, I think of you, Léyss and your precious word to which I cling, so as not to sink, I think of you, Samuel, I think of all the Muslims who suffer to see their faith soiled by these barbaric tarts who say they act in the name of the same god, I am thinking of all the students and their teachers, in the name of those who sow FREEDOM and of those who know how to harvest it, at in the name of EQUALITY and in the name of BROTHERHOOD. I think of you, Samuel. “ – Guillaume Segouin, Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine)

“I take the pen to say thank you, thank you for being one of those who teach the Republic, its values, its history, who do not back down, for having been a teacher as close as possible to his students, and sorry that this even Republic did not know how to protect you. No words will be able to ease the pain of your family, your absence. To your wife, to your son, all my deepest thoughts. Thank you, Mr. Paty, you are in the history of France forever. “ – Veronique Peresleni, Caluire-et-Cuire (Rhône)

“From my distant memories on the benches of college, history-geography has always been my favorite subject. Thank you Samuel for having embodied the transmission of knowledge as well as an openness to the world. I am converted to Islam. , and it is also thanks to the National Education, thanks to teachers like you whom I met during my youth that I am able to have a more enlightened view on the way of practicing my religion. a bridge between our communities and in no case a gap! May your memory be a vector of living together and not of hatred! It is our duty to remember. “ – Aurélia Gleize, Lyon (Rhône)


“Today, I have tears in my eyes thinking of you, because through you I think of all my teachers, all those who taught me math, French, history, but above all free will and living together. You died defending a vision of the world imbued with benevolence as everyone should see it, with respect, without animosity, without communitarianism. How can we not pay homage to yourself and to all the teachers for the work you do by teaching young people that living together is also mutual respect for values ​​and convictions, secular or religious, curiosity, criticism, humility … “ – Laure, Bordeaux (Gironde)

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“Samuel, I did not know you personally but in the profession, we have the easy familiarity. Since Friday, I think of these last days before the tragedy where you must have suffered so much to be thrown in the pasture on social networks. . I hope you did not doubt yourself and that you did not have time to be afraid … I think of those last moments when the worst happened. I imagine you must have thought very strong to your wife and son, the whole country is with them in thought today.

You are not a hero, and I imagine you wouldn’t want to be treated like one. You only did your job, with heart and conviction. Profession more and more abused … Thank you for all these consciousnesses that you have been able to awaken during these years in the service of the students. We promise, as long as we still have the desire and the courage, we will try to pursue our mission, as best we can despite the conditions that are deteriorating from year to year, in indifference. general … And many of us will do it with a thought for you. Thank you, dear colleague. Goodbye Professor … “ – Lysiane Uny, La Possession (Reunion)

“You are the teacher I would have liked to have, you had the courage that I do not have.
If there is a God, whoever he is, let him keep you near him …
And if there is no one, well rest in peace, you have marked your passage on Earth.
My thoughts are with your loved ones.
Thank you to you and your colleagues for holding high the torch of freedom of thought “ – Claude Audebert, Orleans (Loiret)

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