You will be surprised due to the increase in belly fat, make a distance from these bad habits today

How To Reduce belly fat: People are often troubled by the increase in belly fat, but have you wondered why obesity accumulates around the stomach. Actually, there are two types of fat in our body. The first is in the layer under the skin and the second is visceral fat, which grows inside our skin. There are many reasons behind the increase of this fat related to our lifestyle, physical activity and diet. Let us tell you here what can be the reasons behind increasing belly fat. Along with this, how can it be avoided.

easy lifestyle
Such a lifestyle in which you are mostly sitting. During this, belly fat increases. The food you eat while sitting always gets stored in the form of storage. The more you eat, the faster your belly fat increases. But you do not work hard enough to digest it, that is why this fat gets stored and takes the form of heavy belly fat. In such a situation, to avoid this, walk while talking on the mobile, try to work while standing. At the same time, you can also do aerobic exercise, or you can also do household chores.

due to stress
There has always been a connection between obesity and stress. Stress increases stress, as well as creates food cravings. Due to this, you eat more food and this causes the increase in belly fat. Therefore, if you want to reduce the stomach, then be stress free. This will speed up the metabolism, the food will be digested properly and fat will not accumulate in the body.

by drinking
Alcohol works to increase sugar. This is because our body breaks it down in the form of sugar and then gets converted into excess fat. So avoid drinking too much alcohol.

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