Young people are troubled by joint pain, know here the reason and methods of prevention

Joint Pain In Youngsters: Joint pain has been considered a problem of old age till now. But in the last about 10 years, this problem is catching the youth in its grip. People in the age group of 30 to 35 years are falling prey to this disease in large numbers. However, this problem is also being seen in children and teenagers. The main reason for this is bad lifestyle. Whereas elders sit and work on laptops and computers throughout the day, children are growing up by playing indoor games and eating fast food. Due to this their muscles are getting weak in childhood. Due to this, they soon fall in the grip of arthritis. Arthritis in children is known as Juvenile Arthritis.

  • These reasons are usually responsible for arthritis in the elderly, youth or children.
  • muscle weakness
  • lack of calcium in the body
  • pain due to injury
  • morbidly obese
  • autoimmune disorder
  • due to genetic reasons

How does arthritis occur in the body?

Swelling occurs when the muscles are weak or there is a lack of calcium in the body and uric acid accumulates in the joints of the bones. Due to this, the tissues of the joints start getting destroyed, due to which there is stiffness and pain in the joints. This pain is called Arthritis pain.

How to recognize arthritis?

  • In this disease, there is pain in the joints of the body.
  • This pain increases in the winter season. Sometimes there is so much pain that there is a problem in movements as well.
  • The joint pain increases and there is a problem in climbing or descending the stairs. There is more problem in the morning and evening. There is a feeling of fatigue and breakdown in the body.

How to avoid Arthritis pain?

The reasons for which this pain occurs, it is necessary to treat them, which is right to do only under the guidance of the doctor. We are telling you some home remedies to avoid its pain so that you can stay away from this troubling pain in winter.

  • To keep the body warm, wear warm clothes in the right way
  • Do not put your hands in very cold water and avoid working in cold water. Very cold water can increase your pain.
  • Do not leave the house when the cold wind is blowing. Staying in cold air for a long time can cause pain.
  • Use lukewarm water for drinking, it will not cause cramps in the body.
  • Sit in the sun during the day and massage the oil on the body.
  • Do yoga and meditation. It gives physical and mental strength.
  • Eat such things in food, which are rich in calcium, vitamin-B12 and vitamin-D.
  • Keep taking the guidance of your doctor and follow his instructions. You will benefit.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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