Youngsters should not leave regular health check-ups, doctors cautioned because of this

Doctors say that regular health check-up for 30 years can prevent chronic diseases. In addition, many patients may also need medical treatment or may help reduce surgery. This is to say of Mukesh Budhwani, General Physician of Apollo Clinic, Pune.

He told, “It is important for the youth to keep regular health check-ups as it will help in knowing the hidden danger.” He clarified, “Sometimes, chronic diseases are silent and symptoms may not be felt in the beginning. Some health problems like thyroid, liver and kidney, diabetes, hypertension, stress, anxiety, depression, indigestion and migraine are hereditary. . Thyroid problems are common in young women and can cause infertility. “

Early check-ups help protect against major danger

A dull lifestyle at the age of 30–40 years may initially lead to diabetes, obesity, lungs, hypertension, metabolic, and heart disease. The doctor said that the identification of these problems at the initial level will save the youth from major diseases or later diabetes and obesity. Regular check-ups need to consider certain parameters like blood test, weight check, cholesterol level, uric acid level, kidney, liver test, blood sugar, obesity, high intake of fats.

Doctors say prevention of chronic disease

He said, “Mammogram and Pam smear examination is necessary to be done at a young age. The evaluation of aircraft B12, D and calcium deficiency in the body should be evaluated to avoid long-term effects such as dementia, concentration decrease, memory loss, arthritis. 32 At the age of 80 percent, these cases can be replaced with proper treatment. ” Navneet Kumar, General Physician, Apollo Spectra Hostel, New Delhi, believes that some of the most common and severe diabetes and chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, do not show any symptoms in the beginning.

He said, “But routine check-ups will not only make you aware of the risk of diabetes, heart disease, but will also be able to know the current value of cholesterol and blood sugar. This will eliminate further progress of the disease through continuous monitoring. And will reduce the risk of complications. ” According to Dr. Budhwani, there are some examples of lifestyle changes such as yoga, Surya Namaskar, cycling, swimming, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding spices, oils and processed foods.

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