Your health: What to not eat during a cold, cold and cough – know

Our body is affected by the changing weather. It takes time to adapt the body to the weather. That is why we quickly fall prey to disease. Most people undergo common cold, cough and cold. However, it is believed that cough is not a disease but a sign of another disease. But still the cough should be treated quickly. There is a risk of cold, cold, cough and many other diseases. In such a situation, the question arises that which food should be avoided in case of cold, cough and cold.

Fried food

Fried junk food is not only responsible for increasing your waistline but can also cause serious problems of cold, cough and cold. Oil and fat in mucus food produce mucus. Due to which there is an increase in cold and cough. Focus on healthy food and your immunity growth and prevent the situation from worsening. Pungent and spicy foods may cause stomach irritation and nasal water problems. Oily and spicy food takes longer to digest. This can cause nausea and gas problems. Stay away from cakes, ice cream, biscuits etc. in winter cold will be suitable.


Use of milk is suitable for overall health. But cold, milk in cough can cause trouble. If you are having trouble drinking milk, then limit the intake. Similarly, items made from dairy can also cause problems. Dairy products make more mucus in the body. Use after curing cold and cough.


Foods rich in caffeine and drinks such as coffee, tea and soft drinks make a thick mucus. Its consumption increases the cold and cough and weakens immunity. To stay healthy, avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible.


Alcohol promotes inflammation. It weakens your white blood cells. Which makes it difficult for your body to get relief. Therefore, it is better to ignore alcohol consumption as it will worsen your immune system.


Like alcohol, sugar can also cause severe inflammation. It weakens your immunity system and makes cold and cough worse. Reduce the intake of sweets and ignore as far as possible. You do not want to fall ill while others are enjoying part of your sweets.

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