Your relationship breaks soon? Somewhere you don’t do these mistakes in relationship

Relationship Tips in Hindi: The initial phase of love is very smooth. Any relationship is always based on mutual understanding and trust of two people. But it has been seen many times that the relationship of some people breaks up as soon as it starts. They are not able to keep up with anyone for a long time and are always unhappy. In such a situation, it is important to know why this happens. Most people blame the partner for breaking the relationship, but think about yourself once. Many of your habits can also become the reason for the end of the relationship.

Do not keep any contact throughout the day- Make sure to contact your partner at least once a day. Keep calling or messaging them because sometimes you are not able to do this due to busy work. Due to this many times the partner starts feeling that you are not worried about him at all. In such a situation, it is important that if not a call, then at least talk to your partner through messages from time to time.

Don’t make time to meet If your relationship is new, then take time to meet with your partner. Always take out time for partner apart from outing with friends or with family. By not doing this, many times the matter reaches to the breakup. That’s why the relationship has to be run, always keep meeting the partner.

calling too muchKeep as much contact with the partner as is necessary for the relationship to run. If you are interfering in your partner’s life by calling or messaging excessively, then this can also become the reason for breakup. So whatever you do, do it within a certain limit.

Not paying full attention to partner Whenever you are with your partner, give full attention to them. Despite being with a partner, people who are always on the phone, such people are most likely to break up. Checking social media account while living together or being on call shows that you are not even with them. In such a situation, there is a rift in the relationship.

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