Your relationship with your partner can end your words during the fight, choose words carefully

Relationship Advice: If there is love in any relationship, then there is bound to be a quarrel, but sometimes the dispute also becomes more. In such a situation, if you also have a fight with your partner, then there is no problem in it, but during your fight, you have to take care that you do not forget to say something to your partner so that later. You have trouble

I hate you-
If you have a fight with your partner, it does not mean that you should tell them anything. If you are telling your partner that you hate them, then even if you have said this thing in anger, but it can create problems for you in the future and can also cause a rift in your relationship.

taunting about crying
If your partner has cried during the fight with you, then you have to take special care that you do not comment on their crying. Don’t even say by mistake that they keep crying all the time. Your saying like this can even create hatred for you in their heart.

Talking about remembering X during the fight-
If you have a fight with your partner, then it will be resolved, but if you bring your ex in the middle during this time, then it can create problems for you. Never ever forget about your ex during your fight. Do not forget that your fight will end, but if you say anything in it that you should not say, then those things will make a home in your partner’s heart.

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